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April 2020

NEWSFLASH: We just received our permit for the transport of furniture today 08 May 2020. There are strict protocols in place for the removals of furniture and will will fully adhere to it. Contact us for more details.

When the first news of the Corona virus emerged 4 months ago, little did we know what impact it would have on the lives of all of us, the economy and the world.

Firstly we would like to share our thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by the virus in South Africa and around the world. We would like to wish everyone strength and courage during this difficult time in our lives.  It is of the highest importance to put the health and safety of yourselves, your families and others in your community first. This is critical as some people start to move back to work under the Level 4 lock down restrictions.

We would like to express our very sincere thanks to the frontline workers, medical staff, truck drivers and all other essential services employees who have been working without hesitation over the past five weeks to keep the country on track with the prevention of the spreading of the virus.

The initial lock down period in South Africa was meant to be three weeks and we all looked forward to getting back into servicing our customers soon.

Now there is a very big question as to when we will be permitted to continue to operate our business. We would like to start as soon as possible, but we also agree to the measures to get the pandemic under control.

We are ready to operate as soon as we are allowed to. Once we receive our permit and start up again our vehicles will be properly sanitised daily, workers will be using proper face cloth masks and sanitise regularly, and we will keep a safe distance between our workers at all times, as well as you the customer.

We understand that there will be a big demand for furniture removals and we will do our best to be of service to all customers again.

Thank you for your loyal support of the past as well as your future support.

With kind regards and stay safe

Dave, Joe and the teams at Dave's Transport